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RollnJack Door Dock!

We have experienced Covid lockdown delays on the release of the Door Dock. We will be updating the Kickstarter release once the lockdown is over and we can film our video in the outdoors.

Current Covid lockdown rules prevent us from filming outdoors. Kickstarter requires, at minimum, a working prototype to launch on their platform. The Door Dock design is finalized and ready to go. We look forward to formally announcing the Kickstarter launch date soon.

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A must have. Makes removing the top a simple project for one person.
This is the most amazing product, extremely easy to assemble and made really durable. Very easy to use and I can do all by myself. Love this product
I’m 5’2” female with a lifted Wrangler and I was able to get my top off all by myself. Stored perfectly in my garage. Super happy with my purchase!
On the reinstallation it was actually better to do it with the RollnJack than it would be for two people to do it because there’s pins that you need to line up and it’s really easy to just kind of slightly move the RollnJack so that the pins are lined up and then slowly crank it down and slip the pins in where they need to go. I am very very pleased.
I went with the RollnJack for top removal. If anyone was wondering, it was easy to assemble and works great 👍
The assembly was simple with great instructions and the nuts and bolts were already together making it easy and fast. That extra step is so helpful! We are happy with the product and purchase. The design works nicely with storage of the hardtop but also with spacing in our garage with the Jeep and another car. Highly recommend for Jeep owners! And, as a female, happy I don’t have to ask a man for help anymore!!
Christy (Michigan)
We love our RollnJack!! This was the first time we had the entire top off our Jeep and it is two years old. It was just too difficult to remove the entire top without the RollnJack, and if you did get it off it would have to sit on the garage floor. One person can take the top off and put it back on. We really love that the top on the RollnJack and our Jeep easily fit in one garage stall. The RollnJack was easy to assemble and the instructions were easy to understand. Thank you for creating the RollnJack. It is a must have for any Jeep owner!!
Patrice (Montana)
I received my RollnJack, and have really enjoyed it! The items were packaged well. Assembly was quick and easy, and the directions were clear to understand. I really enjoy the unit, and am grateful to have it. Thank you all again for such a wonderful product!! You and your team are to be commended!! I'm looking forward to other items you all will be coming out with!
Patrick (Tennessee)


Fast and Easy assembly. Takes minutes to remove or install your hard top. Now you have the freedom to don and remove your hardtop at will.

Most Secure

Strength to support your top while rolling on the jack and in long-term storage. The perfect balance means there is no danger of your top sliding off. It is safer for the user, as it does not require you to climb up to your ceiling to install it.

Best Value

The RollnJack lift allows you to park right under it and save on space: a valuable feature alone. Ceiling hoists/ winches can also end up being very costly if they drop your top or damage your garage ceiling, not to mention if you get hurt installing them.

About the RollnJack Lift

Give Your Jeep® The Life it Deserves.

We strive to help you do just that by creating a quality product that makes donning and removing your hardtop easier than ever. Not only is it easy to use, it is easy to assemble and it is the most cost-effective tool of its kind. Remove and replace your top without being encumbered by wires, straps, or hoists. The RollnJack lift will outperform any Jeep® Hardtop lift or hardtop hoist on the market. Our jack is simple yet sturdy, with minimal joints and moving parts to ensure longevity of the RollnJack lift* and the security of your valuable hardtop. The Jeep® Life should be about the time you spend in your Jeep, not struggling with your hardtop removal; get the RollnJack lift and see just how easy it can be!

* Patent Pending