Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the RollnJack take to assemble?

The RollnJack takes the average person 15 minutes or less to assemble. We also designed the RollnJack to only require two tools to make assembly that much simpler. See how easy it is for yourself! 

Watch the assembly videoAssembly manual

Does the RollnJack work on lifted Jeeps®?

Yes. The RollnJack works on most modified Jeeps® thanks to the adjustment handle and the pop pins on each arm.

Will the RollnJack work with roof racks on Jeep® Hardtop?

The RollnJack is designed to lift the Jeep® Hardtop only. It works on:
• 2007-Present Jeeps® (JK & JL)
• 2 & 4-Door Jeeps®
• Lifted Jeeps® (Fully Adjustable)

How do I adjust the RollnJack?

There are two ways to adjust the height of the RollnJack: by using the TurnNGo Handle or adjusting the pop-pins on each arm.

For a stock Jeep®, place pop-pins in hole marked 1. There are nine other hole settings to accommodate most lifted Jeeps.

Use the TurnNGo Handle handle to lift your top and put it back on your Jeep. The TurnNGo Handle technology is designed with seamless motion that prevents sudden body weight drops to protect your hardtop.

How does the RollnJack help save space?

The RollnJack was designed so that you can park your Jeep with the hood under the RollnJack even while the hardtop is being stored on the jack.

Does the RollnJack come with a warranty?

The RollnJack comes with a one-year warranty. Click here to sign up for coverage under our warranty.

Is the RollnJack design final?

We believe in continuous product improvement, as such, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Why won’t the bolt holes align with the main base tube and jack tube?

Please place the jack tube into main base tube and rotate the handle clockwise until the holes are aligned. The bolts will then fit into the holes.

My wheels will not move and/or brake will not work. How do I fix it? 

Watch the video below for the simple fix to this issue.

Does the RollnJack work on 2 and 4-door Jeeps®?

Yes! The RollnJack works on both 2-door and 4-door Jeep Wrangler models.

Will the RollnJack damage my Jeep's® paint?

The RollnJack will not damage your paint job as it does not touch the outside of the Jeep or your hardtop at all when used properly.

How long does it take to remove my Jeep hardtop with the RollnJack?

Instead of taking 30 minutes or much longer to remove and replace your top with straps or a hoist, the RollnJack allows you to remove and don your hardtop in less than a minute without the assistance of others. Even people less than 100 pounds have removed the hardtop using the RollnJack with ease.

Will the RollNJack damage my Jeep® Headliner?

No. The RollNJack lifts in an incremental fashion and will softly engage your Jeep hardtop with the EVA foam covered 4 top posts.

Where do I store my hardtop after removal?

Your hardtop can stay right on the RollnJack after removing it from your Jeep. We also have travel and storage bags where you can store your RollnJack parts after disassembly and even take with you in your Jeep!

When I lift my Jeep Hardtop and move it around, the RollnJack feels like it is flexing. Should I be concerned?

No. On cars, we have 'shock absorber' suspension that decouples the passengers and loads from the road vibrations, bumps etc. The RollnJack lift was designed and engineered in the same way. If there is a rough pavement or damaged floor, then the RollnJack lift will deliberately flex to absorb any shock to your expensive Jeep hardtop.

Will the Rollnjack work on a TJ?

We can fabricate 4 ‘half moon’ top post parts to accommodate an older 97-06 Jeep TJ. See photos.
The later model year 97-06 Jeeps came with a sound bar attached to the roll cage in that location. It was a factory option.

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to ask about this option.