Frequently Asked Questions

How the RollnJack Works

How do I use the RollnJack?

Where do I store my hardtop after removal?

Where do I position the top posts prior to lifting my hardtop?

Do my top posts all have to be at the same height and can they position on the ribbed contours of Jeep hardtop?

The Rollnjack is fully adjustable to accommodate the ribbed contours on the Jeep hardtop. All the posts do not necessarily have to be at the same height. See pictures below for different configurations.

When I lift my Jeep Hardtop and move it around, the RollnJack lift feels like it is flexing. Should I be concerned?

Does the RollnJack lift come with a warranty?

My Rollnjack has a forward lean when I lift my hardtop. Should I be concerned?

Is the RollnJack lift design final?

How long does it take to remove my Jeep hardtop with the RollnJack lift?

Will the RollnJack lift damage my Jeep's paint?

Will the RollNJack damage my Jeep Headliner?

What is the “footprint” of the 4 top posts?

Will the RollnJack Work On My Rig?

Does the RollnJack lift work on lifted Jeeps?

Will the RollnJack lift work with roof racks on Jeep® Hardtop?

Does the RollnJack lift work on 2 and 4-door Jeeps?

Does the RollnJack lift work on the new Bronco?

Will the Rollnjack lift work on a TJ?

Yes, but only with the 4 ‘half moon’ top post parts available on our store. These parts are needed to accommodate older 97-06 Jeep TJs. See photos below.
The later model year 97-06 Jeeps came with a sound bar attached to the roll cage in that location. It was a factory option.

Assembly & Modifications

How long does the RollnJack lift take to assemble and how do I assemble it?

The RollnJack takes the average person 15 minutes or less to assemble. We also designed the RollnJack to only require two tools to make assembly that much simpler. See how easy it is for yourself! 

How do I assemble the RollnJack Door Lift and Door Dock and how do I use them? 

Download the manual for full instructions on how to assemble and use them on your Jeep!

How do I adjust the RollnJack lift?

Why won’t the bolt holes align with the main base tube and jack tube?

Please place the jack tube into main base tube and rotate the handle clockwise until the holes are aligned. The bolts will then fit into the holes.

My wheels will not move and/or brake will not work. How do I fix it? 

Watch the video below for the simple fix to this issue.