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Excellent Materials, Easy Build. Must have for hard top owners. Zero regrets on this purchase!
This is as I always have imagined it. It is so simple in design, it truly is amazing how it can support the hardtop. It took 30 minutes for me to put together for the first time, but I am sure I can take it apart in 10 minutes and put it back on in 10 minutes. It really is that easy with only a few bolts needing to remove each time. It supports the hardtop very well. I pushed on it to test it out and it doesn't slide or move from place. The slant is natural and not to be in concern. The lever is easy to use to have the top raise up and down and in your motion and time. Worth the money spent for sure as now I can finally take my top off for this summer. Hoping to try it out on road trips in the coming weeks. Overall, a great and high-quality product. What you see in the videos is true and what you will get. You can tell they really cared to make sure it came out as perfect as possible.
This product is by far the greatest invention! It is super easy to put together, It works exactly how the video shows and it fits perfectly in a tight space or small garage!! I would definitely recommend this product multiple times to anyone!! Thanks again!
A must have. Makes removing the top a simple project for one person.
The assembly was very easy and straight forward. I have a 2014 JKU with a 4" lift, 35 tires and an aftermarket bumper with a tire carrier and this lift adjusted to and around all obstacles (tire carrier) easily. I can now remove or install the top in less than 10 minutes taking my time. Thank you RollnJack.
This is the most amazing product, extremely easy to assemble and made really durable. Very easy to use and I can do all by myself. Love this product
I'm now on my 2nd Jeep Wrangler and this one is a 4-door. Much harder to remove, store, and replace the top... and finding friends when I need them to drive to my house to help is difficult at best. It's like they know if the sun is shining and I call that they have to lift something. Well NOT ANYMORE!! Sure it might appear to be expensive and you think that you'll be able to find a cheaper way... but take it from me who has engineered all kinds of theories and contraptions to remove my hardtop... just click on the buttons to purchase a RollnJack. Simple, effective, and dare I say it... attractive in its own way. Bite the bullet and get it. Thanks RollnJack!
Worth every penny! Did it by myself easily in about 5 minutes.
I have the freedom of removing and replacing my hard top whenever I want to without any help. The best part is you can assemble the roll n Jack In 30 minutes or less. Best purchase I have made for my Wrangler.
Finally.....something not over-engineered, goes together great, feels well-built and is just simple, clean and sexy!!! The packaging was also well thought out!
I ordered two RollnJacks: one for me and one for my son. They arrived very fast. I ordered from Amazon.The quality is exceptional and very easy to put together. This is a fantastic product and makes taking the top off our Jeep a breeze. I highly recommend the Rollnjack for all hardtop owners.
I’m 5’2” female with a lifted Wrangler and I was able to get my top off all by myself. Stored perfectly in my garage. Super happy with my purchase!
Amazing!  First of all as a bike shop owner I can tell you that the way that the RollnJack was laid out in the box with all the tools and the bolts clearly labeled was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had assembling something of that kind! I’ve bloodied knuckles and cussed with Thule racks, bikes assembled, and IKEA furniture, but this was truly a breeze! Great job!

I was so excited to have the top off and be able to do it by myself that I drove around topless in 40° weather.

On the reinstallation it was actually better to do it with the RollnJack than it would be for two people to do it because there’s pins that you need to line up and it’s really easy to just kind of slightly move the RollnJack so that the pins are lined up and then slowly crank it down and slip the pins in where they need to go. I am very very pleased.
I went with the RollnJack for top removal. If anyone was wondering, it was easy to assemble and works great 👍
The assembly was simple with great instructions and the nuts and bolts were already together making it easy and fast. That extra step is so helpful! We are happy with the product and purchase. The design works nicely with storage of the hardtop but also with spacing in our garage with the Jeep and another car. Highly recommend for Jeep owners! And, as a female, happy I don’t have to ask a man for help anymore!!
Christy (Michigan)
We love our RollnJack!! This was the first time we had the entire top off our Jeep and it is two years old. It was just too difficult to remove the entire top without the RollnJack, and if you did get it off it would have to sit on the garage floor. One person can take the top off and put it back on. We really love that the top on the RollnJack and our Jeep easily fit in one garage stall. The RollnJack was easy to assemble and the instructions were easy to understand. Thank you for creating the RollnJack. It is a must have for any Jeep owner!!
Patrice (Montana)
I received my RollnJack, and have really enjoyed it! The items were packaged well. Assembly was quick and easy, and the directions were clear to understand. I really enjoy the unit, and am grateful to have it. Thank you all again for such a wonderful product!! You and your team are to be commended!! I'm looking forward to other items you all will be coming out with!
Patrick (Tennessee)
I have received, assembled and used the RollnJack! It works great!

The instructions were clear and assembly was easy. The fit and finish of the jack is excellent and it's easy to use.
Tyler (Iowa)

Just received my Rolln Jack last Monday I must say it’s well worth the money and the wait, no more calling neighbors no...

Posted by Steve Bertolis on Friday, August 7, 2020

I just got my RollnJack set up and hard top placed back on my Jeep! It was simple to put together, well built & worked amazing for me!

Posted by Sara Heath Cooper on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

One word.... Easy! From the ordering process, assembly, to removing my hardtop, the RollNJack ensured every thing was...

Posted by Chad Raburn on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Product works great, exactly what I needed. My garage door opening is too low to pull my Jeep in so this allows me to...

Posted by Eric Sendzicki on Saturday, August 15, 2020

I wanna say Thank you and im super excited to use this i put it together in about 1 hr or less try it out it works amazing this is my jeep on a 6inch left on 37s an it could be used on a even higher jeep

Posted by Justin Bowman on Monday, September 28, 2020

I purchased mine as part of the Kickstarter campaign. We were kept up to date on the arrival. I finally had a chance to...

Posted by Brande Brown on Thursday, August 13, 2020