Jeep Hardtop Removal

Fast Assembly, Fast Hard Top Removal

Are you one of the thousands of Jeep® owners who have pain with taking off their top? The current hoist and pulley systems on the market are difficult to assemble and require tools and structural changes to your garage. It can potentially damage the interior of your garage and worst of all, they can be dangerous overhangs for children and tall adults in your home. These hoist systems are heavy, bulky, and not mobile. There are other lift systems on the market that require body weight and a handgrip to balance the unit and remove the top. Those units are very expensive and require hours of assembly work with cables and adjustments.

Our new product, the RollnJack is an answer to the problems of the current systems on the market. The RollnJack is lightweight and easy to assemble. It requires one set of hardware, one Allen wrench and a custom wrench which is included with your unit. The Roll N Jack assembly time is under 10 minutes! Once assembled, anyone can take their top off in less than a minute! The unit offers unlimited portability. Our new product division is working on a convenient travel bag so you can enjoy the outdoors and take your top off anywhere.

We look forward to launching the product this spring. Check out our website at and join us on Facebook to stay on top of our kickstarter launch later this year and new product offerings as they roll out!